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Since 1963, FEDERCHEMICALS has been involved in the research, development and production of chemical products for the cleaning, protection and preservation of surfaces.

A dynamic and responsive company with regard to the needs of the market and the individual operators, capable of offering numerous standard production solutions or at the request of the individual customer.

An uncompromising quality company that bases all of its production on the use of rigidly selected and high-profile raw materials, a constant research based solely on quality and strong know-how given by direct field experience and laboratory development They make it an attentive and scrupulous partner for their customers.

The company is involved in several production lines such as: civil and industrial detergents, building industry, surface treatment industry (stone industry, ceramic sector, terracotta, wood), marble technical product sector, restoration industry, applied nanotechnology industry.


- Marble technical products sector: Polyester mastics, resin epoxy resins, epoxy mastics, stain removers and water repellents based on solvent and water base, waxes, liquid waxes, self-tacking products, anti-slip products, dusting for marble and granite, chemical sandblasters, Antiquing.

Restoration sector: Consolidating, water-repellent, anti-spatter products, solvent-based and water-based dehydrating detergents.

- Building sector: Solvent-based epoxy resins, solvent-free resins, elastomeric waterproofing sleeves, anti-dust cracking seals, rust converters.

- Ceramic Sector: Acid detergents for post-laying, stain removers based on solvent and water base, detergents for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, online treatment products.

- Terracotta treatment: Deoxidants, buffered inhibited acids, water-repellent antisalnitro and stain removers based on solvent and water base, wax resins, waxes, liquid finishes, decerants.

- Stone treatment:
Detergents, water-repellent and water-based stain removers, liquid and solid metallic waxes and solids, polishing powders, stain removers, crystallizers, color correctors, tops retaining and rinsing kits.

- Wood Sector: Natural vegetable oils, beeswax and wax carnauba paste for cold and hot treatment, liquid waxes in citrus solvent, opaque and water-based glossy varnishes, exterior waxes.

- Applied Nanotechnology Sector: Floor Detergent, Glass Cleaner, Multifunctional Surface Cleaner, Waterproof Self-Cleaning Protective, Nanometric Anti-Mask.